ICDL Foundation is a global social enterprise committed to raising standards of digital competence in the workforce, education and society. ICDL certification is now available in more than 100 countries, across our network of more than 20,000 testing centres, delivering more than 70 million ICDL certification tests to more than 17 million people worldwide.

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Empowering Bhutan’s Cyber Security: Successful Conclusion of Cyber Hygiene Training Program 

4th July 2024
A significant step towards advocating cyber security was achieved in Bhutan with the successful completion of the cyber security training and certification program. This initiative was organised by our Local Program Partner, Bodhi Media and Communication Institute (BMCI), in collaboration with the ICDL Accredited Test Centre, Department of ICT, Royal Institute of Management. The training program, which focused on enhancing cyber hygiene practices, was supported by a grant from the APNIC Foundation through the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia). The program successfully brought together 80 professionals from government agencies, private sector companies, civil society organisations (CSOs), and corporations. 
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Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Announced as the Newest Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Malaysia During the Launch of National Training Week 

28th June 2024
Dragonfire Corporate Solutions has been named the newest ICDL Accredited Test Centre (ATC) in Malaysia. This announcement was made during their launch of National Training Week, part of an annual initiative by the Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources. The collaboration between ICDL and Dragonfire Corporate Solutions aims to deliver high-quality digital upskilling programmes, focusing on transforming Malaysia's human capital and reaching out to marginalised communities.
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National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Partners with ICDL to Enhance Curriculum with Digital Literacy Focus

6th June 2024
This collaboration aims to strengthen NUML's curriculum and equip students with in-demand digital skills, aligning with the university's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that prepares graduates for success in the globalised job market. Through this strategic partnership, NUML is poised to become an authorised ICDL test centre. This will provide students and alumni with the opportunity to obtain globally recognised certifications, regardless of their prior IT background. The partnership will focus on promoting the ICDL program, ensuring graduates possess the critical skills needed to flourish in today's digitalised workplace. This initiative will significantly enhance the employability of NUML graduates, aligning their skills with industry standards and global demands.
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A Resounding Success of Johor Digital Literacy Day 2024: Celebrating AI Innovation and Digital Upskilling 

3rd June 2024
The Johor Digital Literacy Day 2024, held at Sunway College Johor Bahru, marked a significant milestone in the digital transformation landscape of Johor and beyond. Organised by our ICDL Accredited Test Centre, DEW Technology and supported by the Malaysia Industrial Talent Board and ICDL Asia, this event successfully drew tremendous support from industry professionals and tech enthusiasts to highlight the growing importance of digital upskilling in the region. Attendees were inspired by cutting-edge advancements in AI technology and had opportunities to network and exchange knowledge with industry experts.
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Czech Ministry of Education’s Pilot Project Enhances Digital Education Through ICDL Certification

26th May 2024
In a transformative step towards advancing digital literacy in Czech schools, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport recently launched a pilot project focused on recognizing international digital competence certificates. This initiative, signifies a proactive approach to elevate the level of digital education within the Czech Republic. A distinctive aspect of this project is its empowerment of school leaders to choose internationally recognized digital competence certificates for acknowledgment in the school leaving examination. Among the certificates included in this pioneering scheme are those from prominent entities including ICDL. The deliberate inclusion of ICDL, in particular, highlights the project's commitment to a comprehensive and globally recognized standard for digital proficiency.
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RAMA S Group ICDL Examination Centre Accreditation Ceremony in Ivory Coast

15th May 2024
On Friday, May 11, 2024, history was made at the Hotel School of Grand-Bassam in Côte d'ivoire at Grand Bassam district the RAMA S Group's ICDL Examination Centre was officially accredited. This momentous occasion, under the guidance of Mr. Daris Gbaguidi, the ICDL Africa Francophone representative, marks a significant step forward in the realm of digital literacy and education. The ceremony, attended by esteemed dignitaries including representatives of the Prefect and the Mayor of Grand-Bassam, who highlighted the dedication of RAMA S Group, a subsidiary of FEDEL S Group, towards providing cutting-edge education. Mrs. Manuella Ollo, PCA of FEDEL Group, graced the event alongside members of RAMA's Board of Directors, showcasing the collective commitment to educational excellence.
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ICDL Lebanon partner with AICA for the “Haddak for a Better Future” project

10th May 2024
The partnership between the Alawite Islamic Charity Association (AICA) and ICDL Lebanon has been truly transformative. This is highlighted by the success of the “Haddak for a Better Future” project in collaboration with Akkarouna and funded by Expertise France.
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Official Launch of Nanjing Vocational Colleges’ 2024 ICDL Teacher Training Project for ‘Upskilling the Future Workforce for the Digital Economy’

2nd May 2024
Nanjing Vocational Colleges and Nanjing Vocational Education (Adult) Teaching and Research Office have launched the ICDL Teacher Training Project for 'Upskilling the Future Workforce for the Digital Economy.' The launch of the ICDL Teacher Training Project marks another significant step towards enhancing vocational education and digital literacy in China. As Nanjing emerges as the leading city in digital skills education and development, ICDL promises to be a cornerstone in shaping the future of vocational digital education in China.
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ICDL Insights for candidates

26 September 2023
Digital understanding for business managers.

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ICDL eLearning

22 September 2022

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13 January 2021
Develop the skills needed to work effectively in a team using collaborative tools and platforms.

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The ICDL Africa Digital Challenge is an annual competition for primary, secondary, higher education, and tertiary students in Africa who want to showcase their digital skills. It aims to provide practical training in digital skills needed for various professional fields in the rapidly changing digital economy. Last year, over 300 students from Kenya and Uganda participated in the competition. After the successful pilot, ICDL Africa Digital Challenge 2024 will expand to include a new territory and more levels of education, making it accessible to more students across Africa. The competition will introduce contestants to emerging technologies, design, and the use of office application tools. It will take place from March 2024 to September 2024, and a detailed timeline is available on the Competition Journey page. The competition has various tracks, including Registration of Interest and Group Registration, and is open to those in other territories who contact the organizers for more information.

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ICDL Asia Digital Challenge is an annual digital competition targeted to students in Asia who are eager to compete and demonstrate how digital skills may be applied in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy. First held in 2017, the competition has garnered tremendous support, with over 28,800 students, 500 schools, and 18 countries participating to date. The competition is geared towards practical digital skills required for various professional fields in the marketplace today and in the future. Take this chance to challenge yourself and get recognised for your digital skills at ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2024!

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A nationwide digital literacy initiative designed to empower Singapore students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. Aligned to the latest Ministry of Education, Singapore’s EdTech Plan, this Student-Initiated Learning (SIL) initiative will focus on equipping students with key skills and knowledge on the effective use of office productivity tools, online collaboration and emerging technologies. The NDE 2024 programme is targeted at primary, secondary and JC students.

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Temasek Polytechnic Singapore

In July 2020, ICDL Asia welcomed Temasek Polytechnic (TP) as the first Singapore-based Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) to offer ICDL certification to its students. As of December 2021, more than 1,400 TP students benefitted from studying at least one ICDL modules since its implementation.

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

ICDL Asia has signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), the former name was Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency) to align Singapore’s national Employability Skills (ES) ICT modules with ICDL standards. Up to 95% of funding is provided by SSG to the candidates who are citizens and permanent residents of the country. By …

Introducing ICDL Insights

Short modules for business managers who are not IT professionals, which provide conceptual understanding of trending and emerging technology

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ICDL for Academic Institutions

ICDL for Schools

ICDL Workforce

Digital skills for employability and productivity.

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ICDL Professional Modules

ICDL Professional

Digital skills for occupational effectiveness.

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ICDL for Schools

ICDL Digital Student Modules

ICDL Digital Student

Digital skills to design and develop, share and protect.

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ICDL for Society

ICDL Digital Citizen Modules

ICDL Digital Citizen

Digital skills to access, engage and build computer confidence.

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ICDL for Business Managers

ICDL Insights Modules

ICDL Insights

Digital understanding for business managers

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