ICDL Computing module set to nurture more young talents in Korea

Feb 2018 – As computational thinking and basic coding has become a trend and seemingly necessary basic skills for the new generation to have. ICDL Asia and Korea Productivity Centre (KPC) has successfully developed the ICDL Computing module (Korean version) for the students in Universities and International Schools.

Learning how to code is basically like learning a new language. In hoping to prepare for better livelihood and job opportunities, it has become more like a basic requirement in this digital age for employees and graduates to differentiate themselves.

Not just for the workplace, this trend has spread to the elementary school students and kindergarteners, creating a new requirement in Korea’s private education market. 

In the past, coding was something that needed to be known only by few who specialize in it, but now, it is something that everybody should know, just like reading and writing,” said computer science professor Seo Jung-yun at Sogang University in Seoul. 

Coding has become a basic grounding for our future generation,” said Bae Jae-hyuck, head of Code Academy in southern Seoul, one of the private institutes providing coding courses for children. 

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The Computing module is officially available from January this year and will seek to benefit and help nurturing talents; contributing to push the digital literacy level further up for Korea.

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