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A Resounding Success of Johor Digital Literacy Day 2024: Celebrating AI Innovation and Digital Upskilling 

The Johor Digital Literacy Day 2024, held at Sunway College Johor Bahru, marked a significant milestone in the digital transformation landscape of Johor and beyond. Organised by our ICDL Accredited Test Centre, DEW Technology and supported by the Malaysia Industrial Talent Board and ICDL Asia, this event successfully drew tremendous support from industry professionals and tech enthusiasts to highlight the growing importance of digital upskilling in the region. Attendees were inspired by cutting-edge advancements in AI technology and had opportunities to network and exchange knowledge with industry experts.

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Czech Ministry of Education’s Pilot Project Enhances Digital Education Through ICDL Certification

In a transformative step towards advancing digital literacy in Czech schools, the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport recently launched a pilot project focused on recognizing international digital competence certificates. This initiative, signifies a proactive approach to elevate the level of digital education within the Czech Republic.

A distinctive aspect of this project is its empowerment of school leaders to choose internationally recognized digital competence certificates for acknowledgment in the school leaving examination. Among the certificates included in this pioneering scheme are those from prominent entities including ICDL. The deliberate inclusion of ICDL, in particular, highlights the project’s commitment to a comprehensive and globally recognized standard for digital proficiency.

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SPECTO partner with AICA for the “Haddak for a Better Future” project

The partnership between the Alawite Islamic Charity Association (AICA) and ICDL’s national operator for Jordan, SPECTO has been truly transformative. This is highlighted by the success of the “Haddak for a Better Future” project in collaboration with Akkarouna and funded by Expertise France.

From the beginning of their partnership, AICA has fully embraced the ICDL certification program as a cornerstone for empowerment. SPECTO has been instrumental in providing the necessary support and resources to make this vision a reality. Together, they’ve worked to provide digital skills training to vulnerable communities in North Lebanon, with initiatives like the Netizen’s Digital Lab, established in collaboration with ICDL, serving as beacons of change equipped with top-notch facilities and certified instructors.

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FEDA Madrid Incorporates ICDL

FEDA Madrid, formerly known as ASET, is making significant strides towards preparing its students for the digital future by incorporating ICDL into its curriculum starting this academic year. As a renowned German school for dual business training, accredited by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Conference of Ministers of Education and Culture of …

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ICDL Sri Lanka and Gateway Schools Successfully Host Inter-School Robotics Competition in Sri Lanka

ICDL Sri Lanka has recently partnered with Gateway Schools to host the highly anticipated Inter-School Robotics Competition and STEAM Activity Day. This engaging event provided a platform for over 500 children to immerse themselves in various exciting activity, sparking their curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking. With Sri Lanka Ministry of Education’s plan to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into school curricula by 2024, focusing on robotics, machine learning, and related technologies, ICDL Sri Lanka believes this initiative will elevate the country’s educational standards to international benchmarks.

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Ministry of Labour DiSDA Initiative to Enhance Digital Skills for Civil Servants in the Department of Skill Development and Thai Workforce

To bolster the digital proficiency of civil servants within the Department of Skill Development (DSD), the Ministry of Labour’s Digital Skill Development Academy (DiSDA) a unit under the supervision of DSD has successfully executed a project aimed at fostering and upgrading the quality of the workforce equipped with digital technology skills, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of professional development for civil servants.

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Senator Mutinda launches ICDL Scholarships for E-Graders in Kenya!

Senator Tabitha Mutinda, the esteemed ICDL Africa ambassador in Kenya, recently inaugurated the ICDL scholarships for E-Graders, marking the commencement of a pioneering project aimed at offering a renewed opportunity to individuals who attained an E grade in their Secondary school examinations. This particular demographic often finds itself overlooked, but Senator Mutinda, fueled by her …

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Bridging Borders: Hassan’s Tale of Triumph Through ICDL

Meet Hassan Aden Issack, a multifaceted individual currently residing in Dadaab, Kenya. As a web developer, graphic designer, and social media manager, his interests span design, web development, volunteering, innovation, and programming. Hassan’s testimonial about his journey with ICDL is more than a story of technological proficiency; it’s an inspiring narrative of resilience and hope, …

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