ICDL Foundation is the regulatory body for the ICDL Certification, recognised throughout the world as the Digital Skills Standard.

ICDL Certification is now available in over 100 Countries, via more than 20 thousand Test Centres. Over the last 22 years, over 70 Million ICDL tests have been completed by more than 16 million people worldwide.

ICDL Certification is managed by three regional offices; ICDL Asia based in Singapore, ICDL Africa based in Rwanda, and ICDL Europe based in Belgium, as well as a number of National Operators, all working towards our social mission to raise digital competence standards in the Workforce, Education and society.

ICDL certification is delivered via our network of over 20 thousand Test Centres worldwide. To find out more about ICDL in your region, click on the map below or use the dropdown menu.

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