In both North America, particularly in the United States, and Canada, and Latin America, ICDL certification holds significant importance, shaping the landscape of digital literacy and professional development. Below are the key points illustrating the significance of ICDL in these regions:

North America – United States and Canada:

  • Recognition by International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE): ICDL Programmes have received a “seal of alignment” from ISTE since 2017, indicating alignment with digital skill levels described by ISTE, underscoring its relevance in education and professional sectors.
  • Endorsement by American Council on Education (ACE): ACE recommends college credit for specific ICDL modules, facilitating their integration into higher education systems, thereby enhancing opportunities for individuals to advance their education based on digital skill mastery.

Latin America:

  • Integration into ICT Training Programmes: International organisations like IBEC have integrated ICDL certification into their ICT training programmes across multiple countries in Latin America, fostering digital literacy and enabling personal and organisational development.
  • Adoption by National Training Service (SENA) in Colombia: ICDL has been adopted as a standard for the development of ICT skills by SENA, contributing significantly to enhancing digital skills among trainers.
  • Collaborations with Regional Organisations: Partnerships with organisations such as CONACED and agreements with entities like the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (AUALCPI) and the Inter-American Organisation for Higher Education (OUI) emphasise ICDL’s commitment to promoting and developing digital skills across the region, aiming to bridge the digital divide, empower individuals, and foster higher education opportunities.

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New ICDL Insight Modules

Designed to address the requirement for current and future organisation managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technology, our ICDL Insights modules offer an overview that is contextualised in a practical way.

First ICDL Americas Regional Forum

ICDL Americas organised its first Regional ICDL Forum – Digital Skills for a Competitive Workforce the past March 24th, an online bilingual English / Spanish event, with speakers from Latin America, the Caribbean and representatives from our international network.

ICDL participated in the first world-class International Digital Talent Symposium: axis of sustainable development, organized by the Sectorial Table for Technology Management and Digital Talent of SENA, Colombia

On September 22, the first world-class International Digital Talent Symposium: axis of sustainable development was held, organized by the Sectorial Table for Technology and Digital Talent Management of SENA, the National Learning Service of Colombia. Together with our partners FaceIT,…

ICDL Americas on the virtual Caribbean Digital Skills Symposium

ICDL Americas participated on the virtual Caribbean Digital Skills Symposium last April 7th and 8th. The event, organised by Regional Consultant Jenelle Ross-McIntyre, had the goal of exploring the potentials of digital skills for regional development.

New mapping of ICDL to the EU’s DigComp framework

ICDL Europe launched a new publication on DigComp and ICDL this month, including the results of a new mapping of ICDL to the EU’s DigComp framework. DigComp is a critical tool for understanding digital competence. It helps align training, certification,…

2020 Launch of ICDL in Brazil

The launch of ICDL in Brazil, thorough his local partner Digital Brick, is a highly anticipated event by local educational institutions, as it is one of the most renowned international digital certifications recognized by institutions around the world and which…


ICDL Americas will be remaining active during the Covid-19 crisis to help support all users of the ICDL programme in Latin America and the Caribbean. While this is an exceptionally difficult time, we will be taking steps to support the…


ICDL certification programme has more than 8 years in Colombia. Since 2008, Fundación ICDLColombia works with a clear mission to contribute to closing the digital divide in the country.

ICDL Americas participates in the 16th international Virtual Educa event in Mexico

ICDL Americas attended 16th Virtual Educa event, one of the major international events in education, innovation and information and communication technology in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. The event brought together ministers, the government and corporate sector, representatives of international organisations…

ACE CREDIT Recommendation

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for five of ICDL Foundation’s modules.

ISTE Seal of Alignment

The ISTE Seal of Alignment shows that ICDL has been independently reviewed by ISTE and was found to be aligned with the ISTE Standards. ICDL received the Seal of Alignment in May 2017.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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ICDL Americas Forum – Digital Skills for a competitive workforce  

A productive workforce with 21st century skills is critical to staying competitive today. Getting the most from your workforce means investing in both hard and soft skills. Digital skills are key to maximise the investment in IT resources and allow innovation in all areas.

ICDL, as the international digital skills standard, organised Forum to discuss trends, needs and plans to address the current digital skills gap in Latin America and the Caribbean, with experiences around the world.

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