More than 17 Million people worldwide are now ICDL certified

ICDL is considered globally as ‘The Digital Skills Standard’. Being ICDL certified provides tangible proof of your digital proficiency for prospective employers.

ICDL certification, a globally recognised qualification for verifying digital skills, is facilitated through a network of Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) worldwide. These ATCs include Commercial Training Providers for individual certification, Academic Institutions integrating ICDL courses into their curriculum, Corporate Training Centres for employee training, and Government Institutions collaborating to offer certification programmes to citizens. For accurate information on authorised ICDL Test Centres, including both training and testing facilities, refer to this official ICDL website to ensure the ICDL Test Centre you choose is ICDL accredited and adheres to our strict quality assurance standards.

Why should you choose ICDL Certification?

  • Global Recognition: ICDL certification is internationally recognised, providing a globally respected credential that validates your digital skills.
  • Structured Learning Experience: Benefit from a robust framework, comprehensive curriculum, and online resources that facilitate a structured and effective learning experience.
  • Enhanced Employability: Gain a competitive edge in the job market by showcasing your ICDL certification, demonstrating practical digital competence sought after by employers.
  • Tangible Proof of Proficiency: ICDL certification serves as tangible proof of your digital proficiency, providing employers with confidence in your practical skills.
  • Versatile Skill Set: ICDL covers a broad spectrum of digital skills, ensuring you acquire a versatile skill set applicable across various professional settings.
  • Future-Ready: Equip yourself for the digital age and future job requirements, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape with ICDL certification.

The 6 simple steps to ICDL Certification for individuals

ICDL Certification is now available in over 100 countries, in more than 40 languages, across our network of more than 20,000 Test Centers

ICDL Accredited Test Centres are authorised places where you can take ICDL certification tests. If you are an individual wishing to get ICDL certified, you first need to locate an Accredited Test Centre in your region. Accredited Test Centres which are open to the public are categorised as Commercial Training Providers. Please be aware that some academic institutions such as schools, colleges or universities may only offer ICDL to their enrolled students and therefore may not be available to the public.

To start, find an ICDL Accredited Test Centre near you.

ICDL has developed a suite of programmes that meet the demands of today’s digital world.

For complete beginners, start with ICDL Digital Citizen, to boost your confidence using computers and devices. For employability and productivity skills, take a look at the ICDL Workforce modules, to reach the digital skills standard required for the workplace. For those looking to develop more advanced skills, select modules from ICDL Professional and for those interested in new and emerging technology, take a look at the ICDL Insights programme. Whatever your level and experience, ICDL has a vast range of modules to choose from, so you can build the ideal digital skill set for your needs. Browse through our A-Z of Modules, view modules by role, sector and category, or by academic field of study.

Learn and build your skills using eBooks and eLearning online.

Choose how you learn best: in a class or at your own pace with our eLearning materials and eBooks. Our eLearning includes interactive activities and videos for test preparation, while eBooks offer in-depth exploration of each topic. Whether you prefer a classroom or independent setting, ICDL provides flexible and engaging options to build your digital skills.

Practice what you have learnt with ICDL Diagnostic Assessments

Find out your existing digital skill level with practice tests, known as ICDL Diagnostic Assessments. ICDL Diagnostic Assessments are designed to help you understand your existing digital skill level. They show you what you’re good at, where you need to develop your skills, and if you’re ready for an ICDL Certification Test. Diagnostic Tests are online, easy to use, and you get immediate results. We recommend that you don’t move onto the certification test until you have achieved 80% or higher in your diagnostic test.

Take the ICDL Certification Test and get certified

ICDL Certification Tests look and feel just like our Diagnostic Assessments, so you can focus on the questions and prove you meet the ICDL Digital Skills Standard. Special ‘in-application’ technology means that you will complete activities in the same apps you use everyday and you will receive your results immediately on screen, along with a breakdown of the results by category.

If you achieve 75% or over, you are ICDL certified for that module.

Share your digital badge and certificate

Every time you pass an ICDL module you will receive an ICDL digital badge as well as an ICDL Profile Certificate, which is updated to include each new module you successfully complete. Sharing your ICDL digital credential with others is easy and demonstrates your digital skills proficiency. It provides verifiable proof of your digital competence and can be shared on social media and added to your LinkedIn profile in one simple click. This credential is globally recognised, making it a powerful tool for job applications, career advancement, and educational pursuits, enhancing your credibility in this digital age.


Don’t just take our word for it! More than 17 million people are now ICDL certified across the world. Scroll through the testimonials below to understand how ICDL Certification has benefited them.

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