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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need for comprehensive digital skills has never been more critical. As training providers, staying ahead of the curve and offering courses that align with the demands of the modern workforce is paramount. Over the last 25 Years, ICDL has become the Digital Skills Standard across the globe.


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  • Global Recognition: ICDL is an internationally recognised certification, providing a standardised benchmark for digital skills. Offering ICDL enhances the global recognition of the training provider’s offerings.
  • Flexibility: ICDL offers a modular approach, allowing training providers to customise their course offerings based on the needs and preferences of their candidates. This flexibility can be attractive to a diverse range of learners.
  • Effortless Course Setup with a Bespoke System: ICDL’s bespoke system, Skillsbox, simplifies the course setup process, making it easy for providers to organise and implement courses and managing tests, ensuring a seamless learning and testing experience for candidates.
  • Transparent and Cost-Effective Pricing: ICDL follows a straightforward pricing model with one easy-to-understand price per student. There are no hidden or extra costs, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness for training providers.
  • Meeting Employer Demand: Many employers seek candidates with demonstrable digital skills. Offering ICDL certification allows training providers to meet the demand for skilled professionals in the job market.
  • No Specialised Subject Training Required: Providers benefit from the fact that no specialised subject training is necessary. The comprehensive eLearning content for the majority of modules fully covers the syllabus, eliminating the need for additional training in specialised subjects.
  • Global Network Access: Being part of the ICDL network provides training providers with access to a global community. This network facilitates collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential partnerships with other accredited centres, opening doors to new opportunities and broadening the reach of the training programmes.
  • Amplifying Sales and Marketing Efforts: ICDL equips training providers with comprehensive sales and marketing resources, streamlining promotional activities. With ready-made materials, providers can effectively communicate the value of ICDL certification to potential students and employers, accelerating the enrolment process and enhancing the overall market presence of the training centre.

ICDL’s complete online solution

eLearning & eBooks

E-learning and ebooks have revolutionised education by providing convenient, cost-effective, and flexible learning opportunities. Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, these digital formats eliminate the need for physical materials, reducing costs and promoting sustainability. Learners benefit from the flexibility to study at their own pace, with interactive features enhancing engagement. The up-to-date content ensures relevance, particularly in fast-evolving fields.
Moreover, e-learning and ebooks transcend geographical constraints, enabling global access to quality educational resources. Their portability on digital devices enhances convenience, and features like customisation and collaboration foster personalised and interactive learning experiences. Overall, ICDL E-learning and ebooks redefine education, providing cost-effective, dynamic, and accessible learning resources tailored to diverse candidate needs.

Diagnostic Assessments

Practice makes perfect. ICDL’s Diagnostic Assessments allow the student to work through test questions, before taking the certification test. It is recommended that students should not progress to the certification test until they have achieved 80% in the diagnostic test.

Certification Tests

Skillsbox, ICDL’s online testing platform is hosted online in a secure environment and provides a complete online solution for student management and administration, making setting up students, assigning modules and running test session easy.

Digital Badges & Certificates

ICDL Digital Badges and certificates are automatically generated when a student passes a module.

Digital credentials bring numerous benefits in the modern era, promoting easy access online and eliminating paper usage for environmental sustainability. These digital badges and certificates, with built-in verification, enhance trust, offer real-time updates on skills, and reduce the risk of fraud. They seamlessly integrate with technology, allowing individuals to showcase skills on various online platforms, contributing to a greener, more efficient, and dynamic representation of qualifications in the digital age.

Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation is a method of conducting ICDL certification tests online, allowing students to take the tests remotely while maintaining a secure and monitored environment. Through advanced technology, students are able to complete their ICDL exams from the comfort of their own location, with a remote invigilator overseeing the process. This innovative approach ensures the integrity of the examination process by employing various security measures, including live monitoring, screen recording, and periodic checks, to verify the identity of the student and prevent any potential cheating or unauthorised assistance. ICDL remote invigilation offers flexibility and accessibility, enabling individuals to demonstrate their digital proficiency in a controlled and secure online environment.

Which ICDL Modules should you offer?

This depends on the needs of your target candidates. Browse through our Modules A-Z, Take a look at our Programmes, ICDL Workforce, ICDL Professional, ICDL Insights and ICDL Digital Citizen, or take inspiration from the ICDL Profiles below.

Training providers may select as many modules as they wish, to meet demand, or customise your own combination of modules to suit a client or target candidate.

Suitable for learners who currently work or wish to secure employment in any modern office environment. Select any number of the modules below or group some together to customise your own.

ICDL Professional is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a range of sectors and develops an advanced level of skills for those with technology reliant roles. From the use of business applications to the fundamentals of advanced technologies, these skills allow them to manage different types of workload as well as collaborate with technical teams.

Designed to address the requirement for current and future business managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technology, ICDL Insights offers overview modules that are contextualised in a practical way. These short, introductory modules provide the conceptual understanding to allow managers who are not IT professionals to consider the potential of technology and have informed conversations with IT professionals or specialists.

ICDL Digital Citizen is specially developed to cater for those with no experience whatsoever of computers and the Internet. ICDL Digital Citizen helps to remove the fear of using a computer for complete novices by using a simple, non-threatening approach to educating individuals in the basic skills of using a computer, email and the Internet.

ICDL Profiles are simply groups of modules, from one or more ICDL Programmes, which are customised to suit a specific job role or sector, field of study, or type of learner. ICDL Profiles streamline learning, ensuring individuals acquire skills directly applicable to their professions, field of study, age or digital skills level. This targeted approach enhances efficiency and relevance, aligning education with real-world demands.

ICDL Profiles are created to help with module selection and for illustrative purposes we have included some examples below, which are being offered by Training Providers and Employers and as part of a project or government initiative around the world.

Select one of the existing ICDL Profiles to suit your learner demographic or customise your own set of modules to suit your needs.

Office Professional

Recommended for anyone working in an office with responsibility for office administration and management.

These ICDL modules are particularly beneficial for office professionals and collectively empower learners with a versatile digital skillset necessary for the demands of a modern workplace. They cover fundamental computer usage, communication, productivity tools, and more advanced digital skills for occupational effectiveness.

Hospitality Professional

Recommended for anyone working in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality professionals need a diverse range of digital skills, including proficiency in reservation and point-of-sale systems, familiarity with CRM tools, adeptness in social media and online marketing, competence in data analysis, strong communication skills through various digital platforms, and a solid understanding of cybersecurity principles for safeguarding customer data and digital transactions.

Finance & Accounting

Recommended for anyone working in finance and or accounting roles

For those currently working or hoping to pursue a career in finance and accounting, these ICDL set of modules is designed to enhance digital skills relevant to the demands of the financial sector.


Recommended for educators, including teachers, trainers and lecturers

Educators require a range of digital skills to navigate the evolving landscape of education and effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. ICDL offers modules specifically designed for educators, as well as modules which empower educators to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences, adapt to changing educational landscapes, and prepare students for the digital demands of the future.

Media / Marketing Professional

Recommended for anyone interested in a career in media and marketing

For those currently working in or hoping to pursue a career in a media and marketing role, ICDL offers modules that enhance digital skills essential for success in this dynamic field. These modules collectively provide media and marketing professionals with the digital competencies needed to navigate the evolving landscape of digital marketing, communicate effectively online, and implement successful campaigns.

Commonly asked questions for Training Providers

If you have a question, please check our FAQs for Training Providers below and if you can’t find the information you are looking for, submit a contact form and we will be in touch.

If you’re currently enrolled in an ICDL module or programme with a Training Provider (Test Centre) and encounter questions or technical issues regarding ICDL tests, learning materials, or any aspect of your learning experience, we recommend reaching out directly to the Training Provider (Test Centre). They are equipped to assist you promptly and effectively with your inquiries, ensuring you receive the support you need.

To become an ICDL Accredited Test Centre, you need to contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant ICDL accreditation body in your region. They will guide you through the accreditation process, which typically involves meeting specific infrastructure and training quality standards.

ICDL stands for International Certification of Digital Literacy and is globally recognised as ‘The Digital Skills Standard’ certification that validates essential digital skills and competence in using computer applications.

Offering ICDL Certification enhances the credibility of your training programmes, as it is a globally recognised standard. It attracts individuals and organisations looking to validate their digital skills, providing a competitive edge for your training centre.

There are no prerequisites for ICDL Certification. It is designed for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced users. This inclusivity makes it an accessible certification for a broad range of learners.

ICDL Certification includes a broad range of modules which are grouped into Programmes. ICDL Digital Citizen, which is recommended for complete beginners who wish to engage with the digital world. ICDL Workforce is recommended for anyone wishing to increase employability and productivity in the workforce. ICDL Professional is recommended for anyone wishing to develop more advanced digital skills for occupational effectiveness and ICDL Insights, recommended for anyone with an interest in considering the potential of new and emerging technologies. Alternatively, you can browse our modules by role/sector, by field of study or individually with our modules A-Z.

ICDL provides access to training materials, sales and marketing resources, and support to its Accredited Test Centres. This includes access to the latest syllabus, exam preparation materials, certification resources and regular updates on the ICDL certification programme.

While the core content of the ICDL modules is standardised, there is flexibility for training providers to customise their own set of modules to build an ICDL Profile tailored to local market demand. To discuss customisation of modules please contact us.

The duration varies based on the individual’s existing skills and the specific modules chosen. Training Providers are responsible for scheduling their own ICDL training and can offer training for ICDL Modules in various formats, whether it is intensive full time courses, part-time or across a number of weeks or months.

ICDL Certification does not have a set expiration date. Once an individual successfully completes the certification, it is considered a lifetime achievement. However, as technology evolves, individuals may choose to update their skills through additional training and certification.

ICDL Certification enhances employability by validating essential digital skills. For organisations, it ensures a workforce proficient in key digital areas, improving overall productivity and competitiveness in today’s technology-driven landscape.

The fees charged by training providers for ICDL certification can vary based on several factors, including the location, level of training, the reputation of the training centre, and additional services provided.

ICDL Certification Tests are typically conducted online via our custom-built automated test system, Skillsbox. Skillsbox manages the whole process, from assessments, learning and certification and is easy to set up and manage. ICDL tests are designed to evaluate both theoretical knowledge and practical application of digital skills.

Candidates will need an internet-enabled device (laptop, Chromebook etc.) with internet browser to access the eLearning portal to complete the eLearning modules.

Candidates will need an internet-enabled Windows computer or laptop with internet browser to successfully complete the certification tests.

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Don’t just take our word for it! More than 17 million people are now ICDL certified across the world. Scroll through the testimonials below to understand how ICDL Certification has benefited them.

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Since our launch over 25 years ago, ICDL has been endorsed by Governments, Industry Associations and Academic Institutions and is mapped to multiple qualification frameworks across the world.

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