ICDL’s Modular, Flexible approach to certification

ICDL is a modular, flexible certification. This modular approach means that whether you are an individual, academic institution or organisation you can select any number of ICDL modules, in any order, to suit your needs.

ICDL Programmes

For simplicity, we have grouped our modules into five ICDL Programmes that concentrate on specific facets of digital skills, aligned with the requirements of the today’s digital world. Work through the programme modules or select any number of modules from any programme, to build you own customised set of modules to suit your specific needs, which we call an ICDL Profile.

Recommended to prepare learners for the modern workplace. Suitable for learners who wish to secure employment in any modern office environment. Select any number of the modules below to offer as part of your course portfolio or group some together to customise your own. For advice on recommended contact hours per module contact us.

ICDL Professional is designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in a range of sectors and develops an advanced level of skills for those with technology reliant roles. From the use of business applications to the fundamentals of advanced technologies, these skills allow them to manage different types of workload as well as collaborate with technical teams.

Designed to address the requirement for current and future business managers to develop an understanding of trending and emerging technology, ICDL Insights offers overview modules that are contextualised in a practical way. These short, introductory modules provide the conceptual understanding to allow managers who are not IT professionals to consider the potential of technology and have informed conversations with IT professionals or specialists.

ICDL Digital Citizen is specially developed to cater for those with no experience whatsoever of computers and the Internet. ICDL Digital Citizen helps to remove the fear of using a computer for complete novices by using a simple, non-threatening approach to educating individuals in the basic skills of using a computer, email and the Internet.

ICDL Digital Student is a global digital literacy programme designed to empower school students to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. ICDL Digital Student gives students the skills they need to succeed at school and prepares them for future studies and the workplace

ICDL Profiles are simply groups of modules, from one or more ICDL Programmes, which are customised to suit a specific job role or sector, field of study, or type of learner. ICDL Profiles streamline learning, ensuring individuals acquire skills directly applicable to their professions, field of study, age or digital skills level. This targeted approach enhances efficiency and relevance, aligning education with real-world demands.

ICDL Profiles are created to help with module selection and for illustrative purposes we have included some examples below, which are being offered by ICDL schools, universities and colleges, training providers, employers and as part of a project or government initiative around the world.

Select one of the existing ICDL Profiles to suit your learner demographic or customise your own set of modules to suit your needs.

For illustrative purposes, we have put together a number of example ICDL Profiles, which are tailored to a specific career or job role. Click on the tabs below to view these example profiles. To discuss which ICDL modules would benefit you in your chosen profession, simply contact us.

Office Professional

Recommended for anyone working in an office with responsibility for office administration and management.

These ICDL modules are particularly beneficial for office professionals and collectively empower learners with a versatile digital skillset necessary for the demands of a modern workplace. They cover fundamental computer usage, communication, productivity tools, and more advanced digital skills for occupational effectiveness.

Hospitality Professional

Recommended for anyone working in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality professionals need a diverse range of digital skills, including proficiency in reservation and point-of-sale systems, familiarity with CRM tools, adeptness in social media and online marketing, competence in data analysis, strong communication skills through various digital platforms, and a solid understanding of cybersecurity principles for safeguarding customer data and digital transactions.

Finance & Accounting

Recommended for anyone working in finance and or accounting roles

For those currently working or hoping to pursue a career in finance and accounting, these ICDL set of modules is designed to enhance digital skills relevant to the demands of the financial sector.


Recommended for educators, including teachers, trainers and lecturers

Educators require a range of digital skills to navigate the evolving landscape of education and effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices. ICDL offers modules specifically designed for educators, as well as modules which empower educators to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences, adapt to changing educational landscapes, and prepare students for the digital demands of the future.

Media / Marketing Professional

Recommended for anyone interested in a career in media and marketing

For those currently working in or hoping to pursue a career in a media and marketing role, ICDL offers modules that enhance digital skills essential for success in this dynamic field. These modules collectively provide media and marketing professionals with the digital competencies needed to navigate the evolving landscape of digital marketing, communicate effectively online, and implement successful campaigns.

ICDL Profiles by Field of Study

These ICDL Profiles comprise of modules aligned with specific fields of study. Streamlining the learning process, these ICDL Profiles ensure students gain skills directly relevant to their chosen fields, enhancing efficiency and aligning education with practical demands of the workplace. Select any number of the modules below to embed into your existing programme or offer stand alone modules to enhance your course portfolio. Universities and colleges often select any number of the modules below and embed then into existing programmes or offer stand alone modules to enhance their course portfolio. For more information for universities and colleges click here.

Business, Marketing & Management

Recommended to enhance business, marketing and management degree and diploma programmes, these modules provide students with real-world skills in the use of applications commonly used in business, marketing and management roles.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Science

Recommended to provide Arts, Humanities & Social Science graduates with real world digital skills for the future workplace, this set of modules offers proficiency in research tools, word processing, and collaboration software for academic and professional endeavours. Social media literacy, data analysis skills, and effective communication through various platforms contribute to their versatility. Familiarity with new and emerging technology further enhances their ability to navigate a technology-driven landscape.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)

Recommended to enhance degrees and diplomas in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, these modules provide students with real-world skills in the use of applications commonly used in STEM roles.

Faculty of Education & Health Science

Enhance degrees in Education and Health Sciences with crucial digital skills for educators and healthcare professionals. Proficiency in data analysis supports student assessment and healthcare research, while effective communication through email and virtual meetings is vital for collaboration and patient or student relationships. These skills are integral for advancing practices in both sectors.

These ICDL Profiles are designed for a younger audience, equipping students with essential digital skills crucial for academic success, future studies, and professional readiness. Widely embraced by schools, these profiles seamlessly integrate into the curriculum, making them an excellent choice for educators. Perfect for both traditional classrooms and homeschooling environments, these profiles serve as an invaluable resource for those seeking additional study options.

ICDL Digital Student Essentials

Recommended for younger learners aged 15 years and under, Digital Student Essentials has been specially designed to give students the essential digital skills required for school and life, and providing them with a digital skills foundation for future progression. Often embedded into a school curriculum, these modules can easily fit into any timetable, whether an academic year, a semester or a short course. For more information on offering ICDL at your school click here.


Recommended for younger learners aged 14 years and over, the Future Ready modules have been specially selected to ensure younger learners achieve the level of digital literacy required for further study and the future workforce. Schools often embed the Future Ready profile into their curriculum as modules can easily fit into any timetable, whether a full academic year, a semester or a short course.

*Complete all 6 modules to achieve the ICDL Digital Skills Standard

STEM Pathways

Recommended for younger learners aged 14 years and over, the STEM modules have been specially selected to encourage younger learners to pursue further study and a future career in science, technology, engineering and maths. Schools often embed the STEM Profile into their curriculum as modules can easily fit into any timetable, whether a full academic year, a semester or a short course.

If you are interested in offering ICDL to students, candidates, clients or employees or if you are considering partnering with ICDL for a project or initiative, click on the appropriate button below for further information.

ICDL Modules A-Z

ICDL have a wide range of modules available. Modules are initially released in English and then localised depending on market demand.

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