Congratulations to Our National Digital Explorer 2023 Winners

National Digital Explorer (NDE) 2023 is a nationwide digital literacy initiative aimed at empowering Singapore students aged 10 to 18 with real-world skills, critical thinking abilities, and increased productivity. 

The NDE 2023 student competition featured various tracks, including the Business Track, which required students to complete Application Essentials at the primary level and Presentation and Spreadsheet at the secondary and junior college levels.   

Additionally, this year’s programme also introduced opportunities for secondary and junior college students to explore emerging technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things during the competition. 

Among the 1,501 students who participated, over 95 top-performing students successfully advanced to represent their schools in the final National Round that took place on July 18th, 2023, at Crescent Girls’ School. 

We are pleased to announce the following Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners of the NDE 2023 competition: 


Gold Award 

  • ANSH KEJRIWAL, Bedok Green Primary School 
  • LEE YAN HONG, Rosyth School 
  • CHIA KAI ZHE, Rosyth School 

Silver Award 

  • TOBY CHAN KAI MING, Kheng Cheng School 
  • GOH YU XI CALLUM, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School 
  • HUANG WEILUN, AIDEN, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School 
  • CHIA ZHE CHENG LEWIS, Woodgrove Primary School 
  • LUCAS WANG HAOYU, Woodgrove Primary School 

Bronze Award 

  • ONG ZEE XUAN, Bedok Green Primary School 
  • PHYO KO KO THANT, Kranji Primary School 
  • YEH CHENG-HSUN, Rivervale Primary School 
  • KEVIN SHEN SHIQI, Rosyth School 
  • REINARD IOAN L ROJAS, St Anthony’s Primary School 
  • CHARIS ONG PUI WUN, Woodgrove Primary School 
  • ONG YU BO, Zhangde Primary School 


Gold Award 

  • SHAYAAN YAR KHAN, Global Indian International School 
  • UZAIR MALIK, Global Indian International School 

Silver Award 

  • DENG PEI YUAN, Greenridge Secondary School 
  • ADAM JAMAL CLARK, Kent Ridge Secondary School 
  • AYYAPPAN ROHITH, Yuan Ching Secondary School 

Bronze Award 

  • CATRINA LEE WEN HUI, Edgefield Secondary School 
  • DAVE LEE ZHENG FENG, Edgefield Secondary School 
  • HO WAN XIN (HE WANXIN), Kent Ridge Secondary School 
  • VAL CHEW SIN YEE, Kent Ridge Secondary School 
  • TENG MEI HUI GABRIELLE ELSA, Woodlands Ring Secondary School 


Gold Award 

  • WONG ZHI YING, Compassvale Secondary School 

Silver Award 

  • LUCAS ZHI HENG THIEN, Compassvale Secondary School 

Bronze Award 

  • RAELYN YAP (YE RUILIN), Chung Cheng High School (Main) 
  • PARTH KHURANA, Global Indian International School 

Congratulations once again to our NDE 2023 winners! 

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