Viennese school leads the way with ICDL in Austria

A school in Vienna has been recognised for having the highest number of ICDL certification tests of any school in Austria. Students at Gymnasium Pichelmayergasse in Vienna’s 10th District passed 513 certification tests in 2019.

With coverage in Austrian newspaper, Kronen Zeitung, the school’s achievement is testament to the value of the certification for its students. The ICDL certification is so popular that the school’s computer labs struggle to keep up with demand.

President of OCG, the ICDL operator in Austria, Wilfried Seyruck, said, “In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, basic computer skills have become a natural core competency.” Referencing the current Covid-19 crisis, he continued, “You need well trained teachers and students to help their colleagues work with the most important digital tools in home schooling. This is the only way to get through such a crisis.”

More information, in German, can be found in a newspaper article in Kronen Zeitung.

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