ICDL Asia makes an inaugural visit to Japanese University

ICDL Asia General Manager Tina Wu visited Yokkaichi University in November, as the very first visit to Japan for ICDL Asia.  President of Yokkaichi University, Professor Yasunori Iwasaki, and his team shared with ICDL Asia Team about the university’s current curriculum and the increasing emphasis on digital technology and digital skills.  The university believes introducing ICDL to both local and foreign students would enhance their productivity and employability.  They would proceed to map the ICDL syllabus against their current ICT syllabus and identify the starting programmes to pilot for the next year.  

Yokkaichi University is a leading private university in Mie Prefecture, Japan.  ICDL Asia is approaching several public and private universities in the region at the same time, before launching the programme formally in Japan.  

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