Methodist College Kuala Lumpur conducted its first ICDL pilot programme in Malaysia

ICDL Asia accredited a new test centre with a signing ceremony held on 12 September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) joins 8 other Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) to promote and offer ICDL modules in Malaysia.

MCKL set-up a Digital Education Unit (DEU) recently to provide crucial digital literacy skills and knowledge to both its staff and students to enable them to meet the demands of work and study in the 21st century.

The team of 7 dedicated members attached to this unit took part in the first series of pilot programme taking ICDL modules (ICDL Spreadsheet and ICDL Advanced Spreadsheet). The MCKL staff comprised of both administrative and teaching staff.

The two modules were selected as the team foresee using Spreadsheet functions more often at work for various tasks such as data processing and data analysis, regardless of which the department they work under. Most of the participating staff expressed their enthusiasm upon realizing the benefits of being competent with proper Spreadsheets skills.

MCKL DEU aims to make this acquisition accessible to the community at large and help others enjoy the benefits of being digitally equipped for the workplace. DEU is looking into ways to integrate the ICDL modules into its academic programmes and the learning experience of MCKL students to prepare them for their professional development and job careers in the new IR 4.0 era.

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