ECDL/ICDL is now free from SOLAS as response to ongoing Covid-19 crisis

ECDL/ICDL is now free on to support those affected by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority, has made ECDL/ICDL resources available for free on the SOLAS online learning service as a support to learners who have been impacted by the current containment measures.

Students can now access 10 ECDL courses for free including:

IT Security
Online Collaboration
Computer Essentials
Online Essentials
Word Processing
Image Editing
Web Editing
Project Planning

Apply now at

Registering for your course

ICDL is funded and delivered online through Solas eCollege.

Anyone over 18 with a PPS number can access our courses. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Register for an eCollege account at need to register before you can apply for your free courses.
  2. Confirm your email address to validate your account. You will receive an email from Click the link inside the email to validate your account.
  3. Apply for your free course hereYou may be asked to sign again into your account again.

ECDL/ICDL provides a great learning opportunity for individuals to upskill or reskill and be ready for when the current restrictions come to an end and businesses are operating normally.”

ECDL/ICDL is available online 24/7, so people can study at a time that suits them. While these are extremely difficult times we are living in, we hope that by making ECDL available we will help to support those whose livelihoods have been impacted by Covid-19 to re-enter or upskill in the labour market.

While courses are tutor supported, independent study is required to reach certification standards.

To create a fetchcourses account and apply for eCollege courses candidates will need an active email address and have details of their PPSN and postal address to hand.

Register for your free ECDL/ICDL course here.

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