ICDL highlighted in UNESCO report as example of an international digital competence framework

A new report by UNESCO has highlighted the ICDL programme as a significant example of a digital skills framework around the world. ‘A Global Framework of Reference on Digital Literacy Skills for Indicator 4.4.2’ was published with the aim of providing a basis for an indicator of the, “Percentage of youth/adults who have achieved at least a minimum level of proficiency in digital literacy skills”, under the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The report identifies existing frameworks for identifying digital competences at local, national and international levels, and has made use of the European Union’s DigComp 2.0 framework. In identifying frameworks, the report highlights ICDL as an example of a framework in a number of countries, noting that 177 ICDL learning outcomes map to the DigComp framework. This reinforces ICDL Foundation’s own work to map ICDL modules to DigComp.

The full report can be downloaded from the website of UNESCO and more information about DigComp can be found at www.icdl.org/digcomp.

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