ICDL Africa Uganda ATC Forum

The purpose of the forum was to introduce to the new changes that ICDL is introducing in the market and secondly to share and learn from each other. The Forum was facilitated by Programme Manager from ICDL Africa Peter Maina who ably took the participants through the changes, most specifically the new brand and the module packages. This was a very interactive session based on the questions that were posed by the participants. It was evident that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the ATC as well as willingness to work together. The participants appreciated the opportunities that the new packaging offers and most especially the flexibility. Equally the participants appreciated the new nomenclature and some did site that it easier to market to the different audience since this was more workforce productivity facing than the traditional packaging.

Two inactive ATC were in attendance, Makerere University and UTAMU. Both did express interest in having their ATC’s re-activated to deliver ICDL modules in the coming year.

It was agreed by the ATCs that quarterly forums should be organized to enable them stay engaged and continue to learn together. Secondly, they requested that Train the Trainer Programme be organized in January since that is the time the schools are on holidays and teachers can attend with minimal disruptions.

Overall the forum was well received, and teachers appreciated the effort that ICDL is investing in ensuring that that program content is appropriate for the different markets and audiences.


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