Harvest Academy Trainer gives accolades for the new ICDL Testing Platform

As the World tries to find solutions to the technology challenges brought about by the lock down in various countries, some schools in Kampala, Uganda are thankful for the platforms developed by ICDL to enable students continue with their training and testing.

At Harvest Academy, the excitement that has come with the new experience in using Skillsbox is immeasurable.

Speaking to the ICDL Africa team in Kampala, Timothy Lwanyanga, the school’s ICDL trainer revealed how joyful he is after receiving the credentials to the new platform and using it.

“I can’t thank ICDL enough for being this thoughtful that we can now be able to train and test students from wherever they are. I was very worried about the issues of continuity of ICDL training activities at our school but now Skillsbox has put those worries away.

Personally, I have been able to complete my tests even when I am home under the supervision of the ICDL Africa Uganda’s Dan Muhenda, and all has gone well as if I was taking an exam invigilated in a testing room.   I am very glad that my students will continue with their studies despite the lock down restrictions.

Skillsbox has made taking of Diagnostic tests, exams and accessing the e-books very easy since with just a click I was able to access my exams, be invigilated and the results displayed immediately I finished my exam. It is really encouraging, and it motivates you to continue with the other modules,” revealed Timothy Lwanyanga.

Harvest Academy, a Cambridge curriculum offering school joined ICDL early 2020. The centre has over seventy students registered for ICDL and expected to begin their certification exams soon.


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