Computer Skills Foundation pledges continuous support to ICDL programmes in Taiwan

Taiwan Computer Skills Foundation (CSF), leading ICT education and certification promotion agency in Taiwan, renewed the partnership agreement with ICDL Asia in February 2019. 

CSF has already introduced ICDL programmes to several universities and colleges in the previous years, from North, Central, and South Taiwan.  From 2019 onwards, CSF will launch new ICDL Professional modules such as Computing, Data Analytics, 3D Design, etc.  They will not only offer the programme to local students, but also to international students from South East Asia, such as Malaysia and Thailand. 

‘Digital Transformation is a critical enabler to the economic growth, and we need to prepare the students before they enter the workforce.  ICDL Professional programmes, such as Computing, are well aligned with the digital skills that we need for the future workforce,’ says Mr. Hsiao Jia Bin, Secretary General of CSF.  

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