New Computing Course for 12-16 Year olds

We are proud to announce our new Computing module aimed at 12-16 year olds.

The module will help candidates build and certify skills in areas like computational thinking, problem solving, algorithms and coding. It is aimed at the education sector, particularly secondary school students, and their teachers.

It also addresses a strong demand for an internationally recognised certification solution for computing skills. It is ideal for use in formal education in the classroom to introduce students to computing, and also for use in extra-curricular settings, like after-school clubs. The new Computing module enables candidates to become certified to an international standard that has been developed with the input of computer experts from around the world.

Recent research from the European Commission has found that there are efforts underway in a number of countries to incorporate computational thinking into education systems, but that a number of questions, such as how to assess students’ ICT skills, remain unanswered. The ICDL Computing module answers this need by providing a comprehensive certification solution, which can serve as a basis for a computing curriculum in compulsory education, certify skills acquired through extra-curricular activities and assist teachers who are tasked with delivering computing courses. The Computing module also contributes to ICDL’s broad coverage of the EU’s DigComp framework.

The new module will be piloted in several countries initially, with wider implementation later. The launch fulfils one of ICDL Foundation’s pledges to the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition.

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