Scoil Mhuire uses ICDL for successful project work and to prepare students for working life

This year we’d like to showcase your stories. Schools across the country have faced unprecendented challenges in dealing with the pandemic. ICDL schools have continued to worked hard to give their students the skills they need to learn remotely and succeed at their studies and each have a story to tell.

One of our ICDL schools is Scoil Mhuire Kanturk in County Cork, who have been providing ICDL to their transition year students since 2002. 20 years on, ICDL is still a core part of the transition year curriculum for each student. Scoil Mhuire Kanturk have embraced the new ICDL Profile Pack and were in fact the first school in Ireland to report the successful completion of the ICDL Profile Pack by one of their students.

Scoil Mhuire’s ICDL classroom

“Our students have a wide range of project work to complete across many subjects. ICDL gives the students the IT skills to help them to complete their projects. These skills will also help them in their daily lives and in the future,” said Scoil Mhuire’s ICDL coordinator Yvonne McCaul.

Modules such as Data Protection, Remote Work, Teamwork and Presentation provide the students with skills they can use both across their other school studies and outside of the classroom.

“We chose the modules that would increase their skills and help them learn about the safe use of technology which is very important in our world today. We also chose modules with a practical application so that they will develop skills that are commonly used in working life.”

In particular Yvonne noticed that the new Remote Work module was popular with students since having to study remotely during Covid-19.

The school delivers classroom-based ICDL lessons during transition year, with four 40-minute periods per week. Students then have the option to take eLearning home to reinforce their learning if they wish.

Students take 10 modules as standard and the school then offers them an opportunity to take their ICDL further and add yet more modules to their profile. The students feel a sense of achievement and joy when they have completed their ICDL exams.

“ICDL helps our students by preparing them for life in school and after school. It gives them IT skills which are required in the workforce, education and society,” said Yvonne.

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