First ICDL 3D Design train-the-trainer class takes place in Nanjing, China

Teachers in Nanjing have taken part in the first round of train-the-trainer courses to get ready to teach the new ICDL 3D Design module. The module, developed in cooperation between ICDL Asia and Siemens PLM Software, has gained significant interest in the Chinese market, and will be included in the 2019 Nanjing Skills Competition.

Since the module’s development, ICDL Asia has cooperated with the local authorities to ensure that Mandarin-language learning materials and certification tests are in line with the syllabus requirements. The module has been included in the 2019 Nanjing Skills Competition, which is organised by the Nanjing Education Bureau for vocational education institutes in the city. The competition tests students’ creativity and innovation. In future, it will be introduced to the university students as well.

In preparation to roll out the module successfully, Siemens PLM in Shanghai sent their engineers to Nanjing to train the first batch of elite teachers on 10 January 2019 with ICDL test centre, AMI Education Technology. This is in preparation for an upcoming, larger scale teacher training course, organised by the Nanjing Education Bureau in March 2019.

The teachers who participated in the train-the-trainer session learned about the content of the 3D Design module using of Siemens Solid Edge design software with synchronous technology to teach, and learned how to design futuristic high-speed rail transport with the software, laying a strong foundation for the competition.

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