Over 75 Students Graduate at Orchard International Christian School

It was joy and excitement at Orchard International School Kampala as over 75 candidates graduated. The graduating students have been part of 100 students that enrolled at Orchard center through sponsorship of the MTN innovation program and its partners.

The trainers, Sally Nyangoma and Billy Golooba were overjoyed as they received the ICDL certificates on behalf of the students. “This is very exciting Dan! We placed in the request the other day and now they are here! Amazing! We thank you ICDL team for the endless support given to us and we are looking forward to training another group of 100 students as soon as possible,” revealed Billy Golooba. The one hundred students that participated in this program were picked from various districts in the country. They certified in seven modules and the learning has entirely been conducted online supported by the enhanced Skillsbox platform.

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