Digital Skills for Citizens project wins first place in the ICDL in Society category

At the ICDL Foundation Forum 2018, held in Prague, the entry submitted by ICDL Ireland was voted to be an outstanding example of best practice in the ICDL in Society category.

ICDL Foundation, an international organisation dedicated to raising digital competence standards in the workforce, education and society, established the Best Practice Awards to acknowledge and credit initiatives and projects that are considered as exceptional examples of the implementation of ICDL Foundation programmes, which help to increase levels of digital literacy, and promote ICDL in local markets.

ICDL Ireland’s Digital Skills for Citizens project successfully delivered training in basic computer skills throughout 2017 and is still in progress.

The aim was to provide the skills required to use functions on a computer that provide immediate and tangible benefits: social networking, internet and email use, online shopping, and so on.

Pictured:  Jim Friars – CEO, ICDL Ireland/ICS, Tony Franke – Chairman, ICDL Foundation, Mary Cleary, Deputy CEO, ICS Foundation, Claudia Delaney – Head of Training, ICS.

The ICDL in Society category acknowledges innovative projects or initiatives that promote access to ICT skills for all. This access helps marginalised, disadvantaged or excluded groups to participate in society and the workplace, and ensures that society benefits from a digitally skilled population.

The ICDL Foundation Best Practice Awards ceremony was attended by ICT professionals and digital literacy policy shapers, representing national computer societies and international organisations from around the world.

Prague, April 2018

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