The first primary school in Malaysia collaborates with ICDL Asia to offer digital skills certification to the student

ICDL Asia is pleased to welcome Al-Amin Darul Mustopha School (AADMS) as the first private primary school in Malaysia to offer ICDL certification to its students.  The school embeds ICDL Smart Digital programme into its six years primary school programme for student aged 7-12 years old. The school plans to conduct a teacher training session in January 2021. A total of three classes with 75 students will be the pilot group for ICDL Smart Digital.

AADMS sees the benefits of ICDL curriculum for its students, especially with the quality of ICDL syllabus and test environment to bring digital transformation and internationalisation to the school.

ICDL Asia would continue to work with AADMS to bring ICDL, the internationally recognised digital skills standard to more students and making sure that ICDL is successfully implemented with the first cohort.

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