The Central Bank of Rwanda holds a Graduation Ceremony.

On Tuesday 21st December, 2021, the Central Bank of Rwanda held it’s graduation ceremony with 14 graduates who received ICDL certificates. The ceremony was graced with BNR staff including the Executive Director, the HR department and the general staff.

In partnership with the Central Bank, ICDL Africa had conducted a Pilot Assessment in Digital Skills for 103 staff from all departments in the bank spread out in all 5 provinces of the Country in 2017.

The ICDL Compass assessment was conducted because the management of BNR recognized a need for training its staff but they needed to know the Digital Skills proficiency levels of their staff to make an informed decision on the training needs. A decision was taken to have the staff trained in ICDL Programme and the HR department at BNR started working on a training plan for this to be implemented.

During the graduation ceremony, Solange Umulisa, General Manager – ICDL Africa highlighted the critical need for digital skills globally. She arged the graduates to transfer the knowledge, which they have acquired, from the trainings to all other BNR staff across the country, which would take the bank from one level to another.

In her remarks, the Executive Director of BNR, Frances Igihozo iterated that the BNR only collaborates with world-class institutions, and having partnered with ICDL Africa indeed confirmed that they are proud to partner with an internationally recognized institution. She also thanked the ICDL Africa team for the excellent support they rendered the NBR staff during the trainings as, they had to transition from physical to E-learing due to COVID -19.

One of the graduates, Jean Paul Niringiyimana explained that at first, he thought that he has sufficient knowledge in digital skills, and was reluctant to the attend the trainings. Upon completion of the trainings, he confirmed that he only had about 20% knowledge of digital skills. He stated that the ICDL program has improved his digital skills tremendously.

Dominique Ntirushwamaboko mentioned that before the ICDL program, it would take him 20 days to prepare and send reports to their partners. With the improved digital skills, he only takes 2 hours to complete the reporting process, which has greatly simplified his workload.

While Nadine Wibarara mentioned that, she only had 10% skills in excel and she is now proud to apply all the new skill she has acquired in excel to increase productivity. She argued her fellow colleagues not to take the trainings for granted.

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