ICDL in Education: Tyndale Park Christian School developing students’ digital skills through ICDL

Tyndale Park Christian School, located in Auckland, New Zealand, is an Accredited Test Centre of ICDL Asia. Tyndale students were actively preparing for the ICDL Digital Challenge 2020 before the Covid-19 outbreak.

*ICDL Digital Challenge 2020 has been postponed to 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. ICDL Asia will work with Tyndale Park Christian School and prepare students for the competition in 2021.

During the weekly ICDL training, students study eBooks and work on diagnostic tests for competition modules. Students could identify and learn from their mistakes during diagnostic tests, which stimulates the actual certification testing environment, thus better prepare for the certification test.

Mrs Shiny Solomon, ICDL Coordinator and Teacher at Tyndale quoted: “I want to thank God for giving our school an opportunity to participate in the ICDL Digital Challenge. In preparation for the competition, students were given a clear plan to follow for each week. Our principal has allocated one hour per week for ICDL training for the competition.”

Mr Barend Blom, Principal of Tyndale Park Christian School, quoted: “At Tyndale Park Christian School, we believe that students need to equip with digital technology skills, which are essential for solving problems and addressing challenges in the current world. ICDL courses will lay a good, internationally recognised foundation for our students to build thinking and problem-solving skills.”

Tyndale Park Christian School students

ICDL Asia is glad to work with Tyndale Park Christian School on offering ICDL to students. ICDL Asia welcomes more schools in New Zealand to join the ICDL journey!

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