The University of Tourism, Technology and Business studies (UTB) officially graduated 663 students

The University of Tourism, Technology and Business studies (UTB) officially graduated 663 students from different faculties and departments. The university leadership and other invited guests shared with the graduates the secret to use in exploring the expertise gained. The graduation ceremony also saw a total of 1207 candidates issued with ICDL certificate.

Among the graduates, 473 graduated in the bachelor’s degree and 190 in Vocational trainings.

The graduation ceremony took place in Kigali Convention Centre, Rwanda on 7 May 2019. The event was combined with the issuance of  ICDL certificates to the candidates who had certified in the ICDL Programme.

Among the participants, different authorities and scholars were present in the ceremony.

The founder of UTB, Mrs Zulfat Mukarubega, mentioned that even though the students have graduated, they still have a long way to go and pursue the journey by implementing the skills gained from UTB.

The chancellor of UTB, Dr Callixte Kabere, extended his gratitude to all the partners who facilitated the students to get places for the internships.

He concluded by highlighting the uniqueness of this Academic year of 2019 where the students have received their bachelor’s degrees in their normal academic curriculum as well as being ICDL certified.

The CEO of ICDL Foundation, Damien O’sullivan in his speech, outlined that Technology will keep changing but artificial intelligence will never replace the contribution of human creativity.

Among other partners of UTB, ICDL Africa also had prepared awards to three selected students who were certified in ICDL. The selection was done in a joyful way, where ICDL branded Laptops were given to the youngest graduate in ICDL, the second to the best Performer and last one to the oldest ICDL candidate.

Since 2008, UTB has delivered bachelor’s degrees to more than 4600 students, of which 85% are already employed in different companies in Rwanda and 73 established their own Business.

UTB currently has almost 6000 students in their two campuses, with4900 based in Kigali main Branch and 1900 of them in Rubavu Branch

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