ICDL certification listed officially on Chinese recruitment website

Feb 2018 – 海投网(Haitou), one of China’s widely used and recognised online recruitment platform for jobseekers, has officially listed ICDL Certification on the website, and acknowledged it as a professional certification in China. Jobseeekers who are going to fill up their CVs online can now choose “ICDL Certificate” as one of the professional certifications they possess.

Mangement of Haitou attended the ICDL Press Conference organised in Sep 2017 in Nanjing. Understanding and recognising the value of ICDL Certification, Haitou decided to add ICDL Certification as one of the Professional Certifications in the drop-down list on their website.  It is officially listed on 9 Feb 2018. 

The listing will greatly increase the brand awareness of ICDL in China, not just for people who are looking for jobs, but also for corporates and potential employers.  Other recruitment platforms in China may follow in the near future, so as to increase employability of jobseekers and to improve the recruitment efficiency for corporates. 

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