Specto and Norwegian Refugee Council grant ICDL certificates to 2,000 Syrian refugees in camps

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) continues to leverage the level of digital literacy of Syrian refugees by offering ICDL training and testing in four camps.

Two thousand refugees have proudly passed the ICDL modules and received their certificates. Many of them were not able to finish high school, and others didn’t get a change to begin higher education programs. ICDL is the first international program adopted by the NRC and is can make different opportunities available for the refugees, either to continue education or become active participants in their communities. Some graduates got the chance to work at the NRC’s Learning Center for Children and are looking forward to learning new ICDL modules once they are introduced.

NRC noticed that the highest demand on the program was from young refugees aged between 15 to 24, it gave them access to communication technology and enabled them to improve their personal and professional lives.

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