Digital skills for jobseekers in Spain

The ICDL programme is used in two municipalities in Spain for the digital skills training and certification of unemployed people.


In the city of Melilla, most digital skills training for jobseekers refers to ICDL as a clear digital skills standard. Courses are aligned around ICDL syllabi and candidates are able to show their acquired digital skills through internationally recognised ICDL certification. So far, more than 400 candidates have passed over 2,700 ICDL modules. The initiative is co-funded by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.


Separately, in the city of Gijón in northern Spain, the municipality declared ICDL as a target reference for digital skills training courses for unemployed people in its 2016-2019 strategic plan. This included a project to support at least 100 young people to gain ICDL certification. Through the course of the project, it expanded to help almost 400 people in the city to gain ICDL certification.

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