ECDL is on the National Register of Professional Qualifications (CPF) in France

ECDL has been mapped to the French National Qualification framework. The mapping to the National Register of Professional Qualifications means that ICDL (formerly ECDL) candidates in France will be able to access funding to build their digital skills under the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF), an initiative that is open to millions of French employees and job seekers. ECDL is mapped as a transversal qualification – it is not restricted to a specific domain or sub-domain, but covers all areas of professional activity.

Under recent reforms to the CPF, all training that is funded by the initiative must be registered on the National Register of Professional Qualifications. The recognition opens the opportunity to take ICDL under the CPF to workers and job seekers from all professional sectors and in all regions of France. French employees have been able to use their CPF (personal training account) hours for ICDL training and certification. The number of CPF hours are assigned to French employees based on years of employment and allow them to acquire any approved professional training for free.

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