Explore the wide range of over 25 modules ICDL offers

It’s that time of year to start planning the autumn course schedule. When thinking about the modules you want to choose for your courses and learners, we know ICDL now has lot to choose from. So take a look below at how some of our modules group well together and complement your learning objectives.

Beyond the ‘essentials’ with ICDL

Of course, all learners need the basic skills in using a computer and Office applications safely and effectively, but they can also go so much further with ICDL.

Did you know?

Learners no longer need to achieve a set number of modules to receive their ICDL certificate. Certification starts when your learners successfully complete one certification exam, recognising their achievements right from the start.

Our Digital MarketingImage Editing and Web Editing modules offer learners a chance to explore their creativity and showcase their skills in the digital world.

IT security will also help keep your learners safe safe when they’re working and learning online as well as when sharing content on social media.

Equip your learners with the skills they need for the digital workplace

With remote working becoming a permanent part of the world of work for many, the demand for workers to be able to work on projects and collaborate with colleagues remotely, maybe even across different time zones is growing rapidly. Managing their own workload and protecting customer data are vital skills for today’s workplace too.

Why not offer the following modules: Remote WorkTeamwork (launching soon), Project PlanningData Protection.

Spark an interest in STEM

Our modules are the perfect introduction to a wide range of subjects that can spark an interest in further studies or a new career pathway into STEM.

In particular for schools, students going on to study Computer Science at Leaving Cert will able to hit the ground running after taking the Computing module.

Why not offer your learners the following modules: ComputingBig DataArtificial IntelligenceInternet of ThingsCloud Computing.

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