Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in North Macedonia adopts ICDL

ECDL Macedonia and FEEIT, an electrical engineering and IT learning institution in North Macedonia, have signed an agreement to adopt ICDL and adapt the institution’s computer science programme to ICDL syllabi. The agreement was signed on 9 June by Cvetanka Koret, Director of ECDL Macedonia, and Dimitar Tashkovski, Dean of the Faculty.

Photograph of the signing of an agreement between ECDL Macedonia and F.E.E.I.T.

As well as their degree, students will be able to receive an internationally recognized certificate of digital skills. Professor Doctor Tashkovski said, “Our strategic commitment is to continue to develop as a leading educational and scientific research institution in the Republic of Macedonia in the field of electrical engineering and new technologies. By providing permanent technological innovation, quality and creativity in the curriculum, we achieve continuous education of professional, creative and entrepreneurial individuals, who will not only work successfully in their professional orientation, but also create new work and affirm new opportunities and discover new horizons.

“I would like to add that although North Macedonia is one of the countries that has a hard time dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, we should not stop our work because this situation has only shown us how important it is and how much we depend on digitalization and digital literacy.”

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