ICDL Asia renews partnership with Korea Productivity Centre for another 5 years

Korea Productivity Centre (KPC) CEO Dr. Kyoo Sung Noh, General Manager Ms. Lim Mijung, and Business & Operation Manager Mr. Shim Jaedok visited ICDL Foundation Global Headquarters Office in Dublin on 25 January 2019. 

ICDL Foundation and ICDL Asia Chief Executive Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, and European Development Manager Mr. Jakub Christoph hosted the delegation from KPC and shared the range of exciting upcoming new modules under the ICDL Professional Framework.  KPC CEO Dr. Kyoo agreed that the new approach would be exactly the direction KPC wanted to proceed, and the collaboration with ICDL Foundation helps bring the international digital skills standards to Korea so that Korean people will benefit from the global best practices.   Mr. O’Sullivan also highlighted that the contribution and feedback from Korea would be valuable validation of the global standard ICDL Foundation develops.  

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Kyoo and Mr. O’Sullivan signed the Partnership Agreement for another 5 years.  Both organisations committed to join forces to continue developing and promoting the ICDL standards in Korea and around the world.   


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