ICDL Asia welcomes 8 new Kyrgyzstani schools under the “Demilgeluu Jashtar” project

8 schools in Kyrgyz Republic have been accredited as ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATC) under the “Demilgeluu Jashtar (Демилгелүү жаштар)” project recently.

The University of Central Asia School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) provided computers and other necessary equipment for the 8 schools in Osh City, Aravan, Suzak, and Bazar-Korgon to be fully operational and offer ICDL programmes and certification tests. 8 IT teachers of the schools went through the Train-The-Trainer programme and were accredited as ICDL testers in the region.

Within the “Demilgeluu Jashtar (Демилгелүү жаштар)” project, ICDL programme will be implemented in 50 schools. Test centres were established in schools in the rural area, where hundreds of students from the rural area will have opportunities to take ICDL tests and acquire official ICDL certification. The project is funded by the USAID (United States Agency of International Development) Kyrgyz Republic and is implemented by the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) in Kyrgyzstan.  

The “Demilgeluu Jashtar” project is aimed at increasing economic employment and civic engagement of young people in the Kyrgyz Republic. This project is implemented by the Mountain Societies Development Support Programme for Kyrgyzstan, University of Central Asia, Association of Social Entrepreneurs, International Educational Debate Association in Central Asia, and Accelerate Prosperity.

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