Why we need flexible learning for everyone

Working together on puzzles and games

Just as today’s employees, students and citizens need to be flexible, so do the programmes on offer.

Whether we are preparing students for the workforce for the first time, helping them get back into the workforce or preparing them for further study, we share a responsibility to ensure they have the right mix of competences.

ICDL offers the broadest range of competences and supports best practice in technology-enhanced learning.

Today, ICDL teaches you IT security, privacy, project planning, online collaboration, web and image editing, and of course the stalwarts of word processing and spreadsheets among others.

ICDL has been adopted by government ministries in numerous countries as well by the European Union itself; it has been adopted by international aid agencies including UNESCO, and by thousands of companies and education providers across the globe.

It is inarguably the world’s leading digital skills certification. Even the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation is an ICDL Accredited Test Centre.

ICDL is no longer something you complete, instead it is a programme you enroll in for life, and engage with as and when you need it.

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