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Updated: June 2021

As Covid restrictions are now starting to ease, we wanted to remind you that ICDL Ireland is still here to help. Find out more below about making the best of ICDL in this different learning environment.

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Covid-proof digital learning and testing

Covid has challenged you all to think differently about how learners can be best supported. Whether your learners are attending in-person classes or learning remotely, we wanted to reassure you that they can keep studying ICDL, wherever they are.

Learners can avail of fully interactive eLearning on most modules, so they can log in and keep learning either in your centre or at home.

Remote testing is also available. So if your lessons are already taking place online or if you have to close your centre, learners can continue their studies and still get certified seamlessly with ICDL.

Digital certificates offer maximum flexibility

Your learners can now receive a digital version of their ICDL profile certificate. The ICDL Profile Certificate is proof of a learner’s ICDL achievement – no matter how many modules they have completed.

These certificates are perfect for downloading, sharing on social media or showing to an employer – this streamlined certificate keeps all their ICDL achievements together in one place.

Their certs will keep on automatically updating with all their achievements, so be sure to encourage learners to download the latest version when they pass each certification test. They can do this within their learner portal – and you can now view and download their certs in your administration portal too.

Brand new modules for the new world of work

The ICDL Foundation has been hard at work developing two new modules: Teamwork and Remote Work. These modules are a timely addition to ICDL, coming while we all have had to learn to work together while apart.

They are aimed at those working remotely or preparing for the future workforce in this new normal. Remote Work has already launched. Find out more about the module here.

Get in touch with us via claudia.delaney@icdl.ie to get started and offer these new modules.

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