ECDL helps young people in Serbia to build digital skills under recently completed project

The ‘Youth for Impact’ programme aims to use ECDL to empower young people in Serbia who have disabilities or are without parental care. Funded by the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sport, the programme enabled 25 young people to attend training and pass ECDL tests for four Base modules.

At the ECDL certificate award ceremony, a representative of JISA, the ECDL National Operator in Serbia, met the successful candidates. The candidates were very satisfied with the project and are interested in further digital skills education. JISA has decided to provide them with training and certification in the Presentation and Using Databases modules.

The ‘Youth for Impact’ programme is in line with Serbia’s National Strategy for Youth, which runs from 2015 to 2025, and the outcome demonstrates that ECDL is ideally suited to help young people overcome a lack of opportunities that can stem from inadequate access to new technologies and the internet.

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