Launch of National Digital Explorer 2022

ICDL Asia is partnering Crescent Girls’ School to launch National Digital Explorer (NDE) 2022.

NDE 2022 is a nationwide digital literacy initiative designed to empower Singapore students aged 10 to 16 to learn real-world skills that enable them to think critically and be more productive learners. 

Aligned to the latest Ministry of Education, Singapore’s EdTech Plan, this Student-Initiated Learning (SIL) initiative will focus on equipping students with key skills and knowledge on the effective use of office productivity tools.  

Students will engage in a range of free eLearning content and activities provided by ICDL Asia to build their knowledge progressively. Our eLearning platform also enables students to learn at their own pace using their personal learning devices.

To further enrich their learning experience, students are encouraged to participate in our national and regional competitions to apply what they have learnt and connect with students beyond their community. 

Through this initiative, we aim to develop digitally fluent students equipped with the mastery of practical digital skills for future digital workplace. We hope it also inspires schools and teachers to reimagine learning spaces beyond the classroom and design meaningful tech-mediated learning experiences.

Schools which are interested to participate in this project will need to register before 31st March 2022. School representatives may contact for more details. 

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