BRAC Maendeleo Tanzania Joins ICDL Africa

Brac Maendeleo Tanzania has joined ICDL Africa to offer ICDL trainings to secondary school students in Tanzania under the project dubbed “Skills for their future” which is aimed at equipping youths in public schools with ICT skills to prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution.

BRAC is an organization that implements various projects aimed at empowering girls and women socially and economically. To start with, BRAC has established a computer lab at Temeke Secondary School (ICDL Satellite Campus), supplied over 20 computers to the school and 20 smart tablets to be used by participating students so that they could also practice while at home.

The project is being financed by a UK based Non-Government Organization- Theirworld. Theirworld’s “Skills for their Future programme” aims to empower and unlock opportunity – providing girls aged 14 to 20 with digital, coding and entrepreneurship skills.

As a pilot phase, in 2022 BRAC will train 110 candidates at Temeke Secondary School for the public school ICDL project. The plan is to scale up the project to 3 other public secondary schools within Dar es Salaam with a target to train 1800 candidates in 3 years.

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