Certification makes the difference

By providing ICDL to your learners, you’re giving them a real-world certification that’s valid for life. ICDL is internationally recognised and valued by employers across Ireland and abroad.

Quality standards

There are many free resources out there today. But the quality isn’t always guaranteed, assessment is inconsistent and it can be difficult to tell what’s what.

This is where ICDL is different. ICDL certification programmes are designed and approved by academics and industry experts from around the world according to ICDL quality assurance standards. Rigorous test design methodologies mean that learners must demonstrate their digital competence in order to earn their ICDL certificate.

Learners stand out with an ICDL certification

Employers value certification as proof of proficiency in a range of digital skills. Competition is tough for many jobs today and ICDL can help your learners stand out from the crowd.

ICDL Workforce modules and ICDL Professional modules are all designed to equip learners with the skills they need for the world of work. ICDL Insights modules will help them grasp new technologies to unlock new ways of thinking and working.

Learners can go further with ICDL

Applying for a job online from anywhere in the world has become much easier in recent times. Your learners’ ICDL certificates are recognised across the world and ICDL is delivered in over 100 countries, taking them as far as they want to go.

Read more about the global recognition of ICDL in our references brochure.

Find out more

To discuss the benefits of certification and find out more about how ICDL’s wide module range can work for your learners, contact us here.

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