FaceIT Foundation, ICDL representative in Colombia, and the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, officially presented the new eCommerce module to main players in online commerce in the country.

During an event held last September, businessmen and industry representatives learned about the new ICDL eCommerce module. The attendees had a first approach to the ICDL Certification and the study program of the module, in whose construction the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) participated, as a representative for Colombia.

Photo: Carlos Güisa – Economic Analysis and Projects Manager at the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce

In this space, the importance of having certified human talent in organizations was exposed, and above all, of having a specific international certification for the trade.

“Companies are looking for talent with the skills required to face current challenges. An international certification provides clear evidence, as well as ensuring that employees have the talent and skills necessary to help organizations successfully manage electronic commerce” said Paula Álvarez, CEO of FaceIT.

The CCCE set a goal for 2023, to ensure that 30% of union members are certified and that the ICDL certification be included in the recruitment and selection processes of human talent. Some of the companies participating in the event have already started their certification process and are presenting diagnostic tests.

The alliance between the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce and FaceIT Foundation marks a new milestone for ICDL to build a strong presence in the Colombian e-commerce industry and position itself as the leading eCommerce certification in the country.

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