Over 50,000 ICDL Digital Certs issued to past candidates

As part of our rebrand, one of our first steps was to invite past ECDL holders to claim their ICDL Digital Certificate.

Since launching in June over 50,000 Digital ICDL Certs have been issued to past candidates, meaning students can access and share their ICDL record instantly!

You can still register for your digital cert request your ICDL digital certificate here:


Any testers who have completed ECDL tests will also receive their ICDL digital certificate and we are encouraging testers, staff and candidates to publicly share their new certificates.

We have completed the transition to the new brand and the programme is now referred globally as ICDL – The Digital Skills Standard. All existing ECDL certificates remain valid but we encourage candidates to update their certificate to the new ICDL brand.

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