ICDL Exhibition at Kenyatta University.

On Thursday 28th January 2022, ICDL Africa participated in a Career Day exhibition at an ATC, Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya, The event was organised by The Directorate of Career Development and Mentoring Programmes (CDMP) in conjunction with Kenyatta university students’ Association (KUSA). The event theme was “Dynamic World: Creativity, Innovation and Technology as the Main Skills for the Future of Work”. Dozens of students registered for the first ICDL class to commence on 7th February 2022. Kenyatta University is a public institution with over 60,000 students.

ICDL Programme at Kenyatta University will be hosted at the Department of International Programmes.  

Kenyatta University is also home to some of the world’s top scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. They pride themselves in providing high quality programmes that attract individuals who wish to be globally competitive. To achieve this, they have invested heavily in infrastructure and facilities to offer their students the best experience in quality academic programmes under a nurturing environment in which their students learn and grow.

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