ICDL Remote Work module launched

The Remote Work module covers the main concepts and good practices needed to work effectively from any remote location.

Being able to work effectively outside of the office is beneficial for both employee and organisation, and at times a necessity for business continuity. However, without the necessary skills, working remotely can be an ineffective and frustrating experience.

This module is suitable for any candidates who work remotely, or are preparing to work remotely. It covers the key concepts and good practices for working remotely, as well as the main types of tools that can be used to support remote work and the key considerations for using them effectively.

Module overview

CategorySkill set
Introductory ConceptsKey concepts, Benefits and challenges
Self-management, TeamworkSelf-management, Teamwork
SetupPolicies, Technology, Security
ToolsCommunications, Meetings, Idea Generation, Creation and Sharing, Calendars and Task Management

Main learning outcomes

Successful candidates will be able to understand the key concepts, benefits and challenges of working remotely. After passing this module, candidates will also be able to set up a remote working environment, be familiar with organisational policy, technology and security requirements, and be aware of the tools available to support remote work. They will be able to:

  • understand the key concepts, benefits and challenges of remote work
  • know how to self-manage and work effectively as a team in a remote environment
  • set up a remote working environment taking into consideration organisational policies, technology and security requirements
  • understand the main tools for supporting remote work and considerations 


Remote Work is available as a standalone module pack comprising candidate registration, eLearning, an eBook and diagnostic and certification test credits.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about offering the Remote Work module pack to your learners, get in touch with claudia.delaney@icdl.ie.

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