1,000 Syrian Refugees Gain ICDL Certificates

The Norwegian Refugee Council has celebrated granting its 1000th ICDL certificate to a refugee. The Al Zaatari Refugee camp was accredited as a Test Centre by Specto in 2014. Since then, ICDL has become popular among young refugees in the camp. The accreditation of the Emarati and Azraq camps followed, thanks to the high demand from refugees for the ICDL certification.

NRC’s Youth Project Manager believes that the ICDL bridges the digital gap between youth in the camps and their peers abroad, creating an academic path for them, and providing them with the skills that give them the chance to give back to their communities. He finds that the program seeks to revive the aspirations of Syrian youth and make a positive difference in their lives.

The implementation of the program in NRC camps is supported by UNICEF and the Norwegian foreign ministry, and it is considered to be the first non-governmental organisation worldwide that provides ICDL courses in refugee camps.

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