Pro-Rail Alliance in Germany turns to ICDL to support remote work during Covid-19

One thing became clear with the cavernous emptiness in many offices in the first half of this year when companies had to send their employees to work from home: everyone’s digital skills and equipment were more important than ever.

Photograph of staff members of Pro-Rail Alliance against a backdrop of Berlin, including an S-Bahn train.

In order to motivate employees in these challenging times, and to bring everyone digitally up to the same standard, the entire Pro-Rail Alliance organisation team completed the ICDL Workforce Base Profile from home.

Pro-Rail Alliance CEO, Dirk Flege, said, “The competencies in digital skills became indispensable. In the peak phase of Corona, all of a sudden there were only those tools left. All events were cancelled for several weeks, everyone had to stay at home. I saw the breakdown of work routines as an opportunity to give online training to the whole team. I had known the ICDL for years. Looking back, I’m glad we took this opportunity.”

After all employees had successfully completed the four module exams remotely (Computer & Online Essentials, Word Processing, Presentations and Spreadsheets), they were issued the ICDL Workforce certificate digitally as a PDF. Everyone worked towards a common goal and achieved it, with a visible proof of qualification: the ICDL certificate.

Thanks to the organisation and services of ICDL Germany (DLGI), the entire training and certification process could run online.

The Pro-Rail Alliance is Germany’s most unconventional transport alliance. The 24 member organisations and over 150 companies represent around 2.6 million individual members.

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