Celebrating Singapore’s Digital Champions: National Digital Explorer 2023 Awards Ceremony

Singapore, 18th July 2023 – Crescent Girls’ School and ICDL Asia joined hands to host the highly anticipated National Digital Explorer (NDE) 2023 competition and awards ceremony. The event, held at Crescent Girls’ School, brought together over 150 students and teachers, along with esteemed guests including Mrs. Helen Chong, the Principal of Crescent Girls’ School, Mr. Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ICDL Foundation, and Ms. Tina Wu, General Manager of ICDL Asia.  

NDE 2023 is a nationwide digital literacy initiative aimed at empowering Singaporean students aged 10 to 18 with real-world skills, critical thinking abilities, and increased productivity. This programme has received tremendous support, with the number of registered students skyrocketing to over 17,000, and a total of 2,246 students have been ICDL certified to date.  

The number of schools participating in NDE 2023 has also significantly grown from 47 to 64, encompassing primary schools, secondary schools, and junior colleges across Singapore. This expansion demonstrates the recognition from schools to acquire digital skills and knowledge from ICDL modules to equip their students with relevant digital literacy skills to navigate the digital economy with confidence and success.  

Over 95 Singapore students gathered for the National Round competition

The NDE 2023 student competition featured various tracks, including the Business Track, which required students to complete Application Essentials at the primary level and Presentation and Spreadsheet at the secondary and junior college levels.   

Additionally, this year’s programme also introduced opportunities for secondary and junior college students to explore emerging technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things during the competition.  

During the preliminary round, a total of 1,501 students from primary, secondary, and junior college levels participated. Among them, over 95 top-performing students successfully advanced to represent their schools in the final National Round. The National Round took place on July 18th, 2023, at Crescent Girls’ School. The students who qualified for the National Round also had the chance to further enhance their digital literacy by learning two additional complimentary ICDL modules.  

Mrs. Helen Chong, the Principal of Crescent Girls’ School expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that “This collaborative effort between Crescent and ICDL Asia brings valuable digital learning experience to all schools in Singapore. Students can now progressively equip themselves with key knowledge and skills on the effective use of office productivity tools.”

Winners with outstanding digital skills emerged from the competition

The competition showcased winners who possessed exceptional digital skills, and their accomplishments were celebrated during the awards ceremony. Mrs. Helen Chong and Mr. Damien O’Sullivan presented the NDE 2023 Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to the student winners who demonstrated outstanding digital skills at both the primary and secondary levels.  

Among the remarkable student winners, Shayaan Yar Khan and Uzair Malik from Global Indian International School, and Wong Zhi Ying (Wang Zhiying) and Lucas Zhi Heng Thien from Compassvale Secondary School, emerged as the top winners in the Secondary Business and Emerging Technologies category. They have been selected to represent Singapore in the Grand Finals of the ICDL Asia Digital Challenge 2023, where they will compete at a regional level 

Students who successfully passed the certification exams in the competition will also be awarded the internationally recognised ICDL Profile Certificate and eBadges, which hold significant value for academic institutions and employers worldwide.  

Congratulations once again to all our NDE 2023 winners!  

Click here to find out more about the full list of NDE 2023 winners.  

In conclusion, NDE 2023 provides a valuable platform for talented students to learn and demonstrate their digital skills and proficiency in office productivity tools and emerging technologies, effectively showcasing their digital readiness.  

We are delighted by the unwavering support received from Crescent Girls’ School and the strong commitment demonstrated by our 64 NDE partner schools in collaborating closely with ICDL to foster future-ready and digitally skilled students. We look forward to expanding our outreach efforts to ensure that ICDL remains accessible to an even wider student community in Singapore, empowering them with the essential digital competencies required in today’s rapidly evolving world. 

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