Empowering Digital Generation: ICDL Asia Celebrates Successful Completion of Hong Kong Hackathon 2023

Hong Kong, July 2023 – Hackathon 2023 witnessed a magnificent showcase of innovative ideas and a genuine passion for digital technology among Hong Kong’s students. Organised by the Hong Kong Competence Education Research Institute (HKCERI) with the support of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the two-day event, held at Cathay City and Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village, attracted 120 students and teachers from various schools in the region.  

The primary objective of Hackathon 2023 was to provide students with hands-on coding experience and ignite their interest in digital technology. Participants were given the opportunity to write mobile apps using SWIFT code, allowing them to showcase their talent and compete in a friendly coding challenge. The enthusiasm for coding and digital technology among the youth was a sight to behold, making the event a resounding success.  

Beyond the coding challenge, one of the highlights of the Hackathon 2023 was the opportunity for students to learn and be certified with ICDL. Students who successfully complete the ICDL Computing module in SWIFT course will receive the internationally recognised certification, which will serve as tangible recognition of the student’s accomplishments and undoubtedly open doors to new opportunities for their personal and professional growth.  

As an organisation committed to promoting digital competence and skills development, ICDL Asia believes in nurturing young talents who will shape the future of digital technology. Hackathon 2023 was a perfect embodiment of this vision, and we are thrilled to have been a part of this incredible journey.  

ICDL Asia remains committed to empowering the next generation with essential digital skills and knowledge. We eagerly look forward to more such events that celebrate the brilliance and potential of students in the ever-evolving digital world.  

ICDL – The Digital Skills Standard

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