Success for students in new ECDL initiative in Bosnia & Herzegovina

A new initiative in Bosnia to help students to develop their digital skills has seen the first 40 students gain ECDL certification. The project, titled, ‘When it runs out, we’re all wet’, involved students from Vareš Primary School and Žepče Primary School, who were hosted by ‘Malta’ Primary School in Sarajevo.

The aim of the project was to introduce students through learning, socialising and exploring the cultural and historical sights of Sarajevo. The students spent five days learning and preparing for ECDL certification. After intensive and hard work, the students relaxed during a visit to the National Museum, Town Hall, Bascarsija and the Trebević mountain.

The results of the ECDL certification tests were above expectations: 28 students passed four Base modules and received the ECDL Base certificate, while the other students, who passed two or three modules received ECDL Profile certificates. A small ceremony was held for all participants who were awarded ECDL certificates.

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