AIMS Teacher Program Graduates 420 Teachers in ICDL 

On March 26, 2023, AIMS Rwanda through the Teacher Training program, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB), hosted the 3rd Edition Teacher Awards in Kigali. The teacher award seeks to celebrate teachers across for their relentless hard work in their profession. As part of the award ceremony, included cerebration of teachers who had completed ICDL courses from 14 different districts in Rwanda. A total of 420 teachers were present at the ceremony and were handed their ICDL certificates by the ICDL Regional Manager Joseph Mugisha. The ceremony was attended by distinguished delegates including representatives from ICDL Africa, the Mastercard Foundation, Rwanda Basic Education Board and Airtel Rwanda. AIMS Rwanda presented ICDL with an award for the exceptional partnership and support given to the teachers during the course. The success of the program would not have been possible without the unwavering support of ICDL. The event was an indication of the commitment of the Government of Rwanda, Rwanda Basic Education Board, AIMS Rwanda, the Mastercard Foundation, and ICDL in promoting digital literacy and improving the quality of education in Rwanda. 

The ceremony celebrated the hard work and dedication of teachers in Rwanda who have completed ICDL courses, bringing the number of teachers trained and certified in ICDL to 3,563. The Director General of the Rwanda Basic Education Board emphasized the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in achieving quality education in Rwanda, particularly in basic education. His words highlighted the crucial role that the ICDL courses would play in equipping teachers with the necessary skills to utilize technology in their teaching practices effectively. 

The AIMS Teacher Training Programme (TTP), in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and Rwanda Basic Education Board, also awarded more than 200 science and mathematics teachers from across the country on March 26. The TTP  programme aims to increase the quality of education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Teacher Training Programme offers professional development courses for in-service teachers, classroom resources, and technology-equipped classrooms to enhance the teaching and learning of science and mathematics and increase student transition to STEM education at the tertiary level and careers thereafter. One of the unique aspects of the TTP programme is its focus on addressing gender stereotypes that often discourage girls from pursuing science and mathematics. The programme is implemented in 14 districts in Rwanda and has so far trained about 5,000 teachers. 

The annual teacher awards ceremony was held in Kigali on March 26, marking the third edition of the event. Awardees are selected among teachers and educational leaders from 14 Leaders in Teaching Initiative (LIT) districts where AIMS programme is being implemented and in schools participating in the Pan African Mathematical Olympiads (PAMO). The event aims to increase teachers’ motivation in teaching and learning science and mathematics and to foster a culture of appreciation for Rwanda’s science and mathematics teachers. The programme’s objective is to increase the number of young girls and boys who choose to study STEM subjects to promote the socio-economic development of Rwanda. 

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